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Minnesota is a state known for its fluctuating temperatures. Our averages range from a fin-chilling 9-degrees Fahrenheit to a summer of average in the 80s. And, without an HVAC company you can rely on, you’ll be stuck floundering through it all.

That’s where Off The Hook’s Comfort Anglers come in.

While relatively new to this part of the pond, our resident Big Fish has decades of experience diagnosing and repairing heating and cooling problems. He loves his neighbors and wants everyone to enjoy life no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. The same goes for every member of our team.

Dedicated to making you feel comfortable—even with broken HVAC equipment—we take time to explain the issue and provide you with options. In other words, we’re a heating and air conditioning company that works for you. This is reflected in the care we show you on the phone and in your home.

Our fully stocked vans are a lot like your grandpa’s tackle boxes. They come equipped with all common parts and a few mysterious odds and ends. Through them, we’re able to quickly diagnose and repair most heat pump, air conditioning, and furnace problems. Need a new system? Our FREE quotes make selecting and installing the right piece of equipment fish sticks.
Off The Hook Heating & Air is the 2024 Readers Choice Star News Winner.
Off The Hook Heating & Air is the 2023 Readers Choice Star News Winner.
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When you're searching for 'furnace repair near me' in Zimmerman, cast your line our way. We are experienced heating contractors who ensure furnace problems are solved swiftly. Need a new heating system installed? 763.276.5327 can handle that too!

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Keep cool and carry on with the best air conditioning contractor in Zimmerman. We provide comprehensive AC repair and maintenance to ensure your home stays comfortable all summer long. To get started, reach out to us by form or phone.

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Heat Pumps

Reel in reliable and efficient heat pump services in Zimmerman with our experienced team. From routine checks to urgent repairs, we manage it all with the utmost professionalism. Call 763.276.5327 to learn more about the most flexible equipment in HVAC.

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Save Money and Headache with Our HVAC Maintenance Plans

If you hate high utility bills and surprise HVAC problems (who doesn’t!?), then do we have something for you. — Though often seen as set-it-and-forget-it pieces of equipment, your heat pump and ac need regular maintenance to stay spry. Recommended on a bi-annual basis, these appointments consist of not only cleanings but also full-scale operational checks.

Though you’re more than welcome to schedule them as needed, our maintenance club wraps all these benefits in a nice, neat, little net. But we’ve got to bait that hook! Benefits of signing up for an annual tune-up agreement with Off The Hook include:
  • Appointment reminders
  • Freedom from after-hours fees
  • Priority scheduling and repair
  • Sizable discounts on labor and parts
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Maintenance Plans

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Full-Service AC Repair and Diagnosis

The day at the beach went great! Your family is chattering like a bunch of dolphins on a sugar rush. There’s laughter in the air and sand in your hair. Your door opens, and everyone pauses. Instead of cool relief, you’re left reeling by a blast of hot air.

You rush upstairs to check the thermostat. It’s set to cool and the batteries are brand new. A quick examination of the outside unit doesn’t reveal anything obvious. The grates are clean and the fan looks good. Pursing your lips, you take a moment to ponder next steps.

Don’t thrash like a fish on the line! Instead, call the AC repair experts at Off The Hook Heating & Air. Our Comfort Anglers can handle almost any heat pump or air conditioning problem including refrigerant leaks and burnt motors.

Flexible HVAC Financing in Zimmerman

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You work hard to ensure you and your family stay comfortable. That means a lot of sweat, tears, and butt-kissing. The idea of spending thousands of dollars on an HVAC system—something you hide in a closet—is enough to chill almost anyone’s gills. At Off The Hook, we totally get it.

For that reason, we work hard to take the pain out of new ac and heat pump installation in Zimmerman. This includes the fact that All our new system quotes are FREE. We don’t believe in tacking on more fees for a purchase that’s already painful enough.
Additionally, we’ve also taken steps to whittle the HVAC replacement process into four simple steps:
  1. 1. Call us to make an appointment for an estimate.
  2. 2. Tell us some basic information about the system and your home.
  3. 3. Wait for the scheduled time to arrive.
  4. 4. Pick between the presented options.
  5. 5. Schedule a day for new system installation
For many people Step 4 can come with a side of sticker shock. Fortunately, there are things we can do to make it more affordable. This includes a number of financing options. The terms and duration of these can be adjusted to accommodate almost any budget. We also provide a number of coupons that might help take the sting out of new AC installation in Princeton.
Be the comfortable fish in a small pond! Get pre-approved with Off The Hook today!

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Even though we have a new name, we are proud to provide the same great service we have in the Zimmerman area since 2019.
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Off The Hook is proud to be a family-owned HVAC company native to Minnesota.
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