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Our Guarantees


Off The Hook Heating and Air pledges that systems installed by us, when maintained and operated following the manufacturer’s instructions, will function as agreed. This assurance confirms that the systems we provide are appropriately sized for your home at installation. However, this guarantee does not encompass scenarios where home temperature regulation issues are due to failures of any components or parts.


At Off The Hook Heating and Air, our installation technicians exemplify top-tier skills, positive attitudes, and exceptional craftsmanship. They will treat your home with utmost care, ensuring efficient and precise completion of tasks. Our technicians are committed to maintaining cleanliness, not wearing shoes on your carpets, and taking full responsibility for your satisfaction. Adhering to professional conduct, they will neither smoke nor use profane language in your home, and are strictly drug-free. If their service doesn’t meet these standards, Off The Hook Heating and Air will not consider the job complete until you are fully satisfied.


Investing in a new central heating system from Off The Hook Heating and Air comes with our ‘No Lemon’ Guarantee for ultimate assurance, provided you operate and maintain the system as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and utilize our annual maintenance services. If within the first 2 years (10 years for premium systems), your furnace’s heat exchanger or boiler sections experience specific failures, we will not just repair or replace the faulty parts. Instead, we will install a new furnace or boiler within 48 hours of our diagnosis, free of charge.


Choosing a new central cooling system from Off The Hook Heating and Air ensures you are covered by our ‘No Lemon’ Guarantee. This protection is valid when the system is operated according to the manufacturer’s manual and maintained annually by us. Should your air conditioner’s compressor fail within the initial 2 years of ownership (10 years for premium systems), we will replace the entire condensing unit, not just the compressor, within 48 hours of our diagnosis, at no additional cost to you.

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